#2,625 Here – me feeling out

Mike Bell/ February 25, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

Here – me feeling out
for my shadow – that
surface-self [begone
under layered doubt
& hours] – how I view
this world – my sight-
line from me as child
& an accident – not a
feature to match – of
other-one stuff – not
good enough & asks
too much
– enquires
too often
– I was lost
to my mother [upset
her rest between her
kids] – accidentally a
third child of four – a
year after her second
[facts o’ life] – shades
in unnecessariness &
expenses [handed all
down] – a knitted kid
[fitted in pre-worn] – I
wore loose under my
agreed brothers – fills
a tight space at tables

[& never recalls hugs]

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