Hero & Leander

I want to lose my face [connections –
as you exalt – as you inhale]/ Imbibe
for four seconds – let your lungs rub
& keep you alive without new gasps
[hold it ’til you burn] – as your oxygen
thins – as my tongue paddles across
& down [I am not moving from here]
Your mouth is clamped by one hand
to bind/ My tongue probes – educing
fluids below/ We suck on your aches
[from that which is left]/ I fill on your
residues – I am not moving from you
[from our euphony]/ You issue air to
a count of eight – as my mouth rests
& we rest – still deep – greed – in love
[both robb’d of air.. one water drown’d
Donne’s epigram will not be applied]