Holinshed’s Chronicles

By Mike Bell Poetry No comments

Your brief candle will light
my abdication – write it down
Please – remove my crown
before its weight crushes me

Fatigue feeds on my blue blood
Pain gifts me my hangman’s name
Those two princes of discomfort
underscore their dungeon games

in a discord of old tower songs –
far too loudly at times for my liking
Let me walk from my obligation
of parades – of polite conversation –

of waving and doing dull functions
Let those two would-be kings loose
upon my sex-ensnared queen
and leave me to tighten my noose

Mike Bell Poetry

Mike Bell aims to write 10,000 poems, stick them up here one at a time, and then take a nap. By then he should be about 85 years old and have out-gunned PD, dementia, and the end of days. Possibly. Before the floods and fires. Mike Bell is found working for money as a freelance set designer.

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