I am in quiet company

Mike Bell/ March 12, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

I am in quiet company [here
spit-cleaned headstones are
outré recalls] – Six feet down
lie de trop beloved & wife of
in stiffened outfits] – In each
corner of Margaret’s hectare
they’ll refill flooded holes to
God’s design – Freshly sliced
turf lies on a raw mound [on
my place of rest old recycled
carpet tiles’ll do] – I will yield
& walk to improve my illness
that others’ll aim to disprove
[but not to my hated diggers –
no standing room for deniers
laid in my backyard] – A burial
won’t cure me – not better off
with [tarnished] puny spades
slicing in at six feet of earth –
& turning over all that I loved

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