I have heard

Mike Bell/ October 14, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

I have heard every lie
spoken about me – In
my mind I find my fix
by loosening – I leave
others to regurgitate –
It is by foul jab-quick
beaks my blood is let –
they will make it true
by issuing one-sided
disarraying of truths –
night’s dark re-works
of fact – See lies a fool
& broken wings – Pull
her tongue from others
to speak [& bolster] all
your insecurities – By
misdirections it shifts
to vague indulgences –
Dreams will spell out
validities – by a blithe
sleep I file each recall
under F for F*cked-up
& damaging – I’ll lie
alone & see my ways
to unlock a weight of
disinformation about
lives [my albatross – a
bed] – My burdens will
be lifted off – another’s
hand will set me loose

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