2179: I Knew Camus

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Camus considered plagues [he
wrote of random chances of an
elimination] – We scour a latest
history of Death’s huge queue –

Auld fat men – in ill-fitted suits –
speak down to us – our passing
isn’t possible – not an issue – [a
given solace for all blind routs]

Whilst Paneloux sermonised on
God’s ire Rieux was mute [more
in his view – nature’s plenty] We
wait on winter’s second coming

after a time of rest & deviations –
We will see recharged infections
& no sure gains made by priests
or politicians hiding from blank

ballots & prayer cards – I dipped
my fingers in a fast brook where
I had swum – not yet drowning –
but I now stand – in His queues –

with others – we numberings in
billions – Where will we go to? –
Camus wrote – it is a horrible &
dirty adventure – Something of

an option? – I am a patient fool –
Stuttering lights usher us on to
impure quests [I follow a bright
beacon – see Camus saw it too]

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