2230: I want sordid bars

I want sordid bars with foul
fizzy lagers – three-deep-ish
hips & chicks – just up-right –

my skeleton to tumble from
velvet banquette seating – It
is us – irrelevant boomers &

such disgraceful adults – We
jump from our youthful risk
[‘cross Facebook lust is out –

men with arses for mouths] –
I’ll utter cusses to boil up my
life left behind – let skin float

from hides – I will dance as a
mad ‘un [in sordid bars] just
enough – & suffer by alcohol

& fatty foodstuff [infused by
greed in my eye] – but being
so auld in public places is a

slight embarrassment to my
kids – we should be in a care
home smelling of piss & sick

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