#2,510 I was at work

Mike Bell/ August 28, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

I was at work in someone
else’s kitchen –
I looked at
an angled stack of pans &
calculated my long hours
left of scouring –
outside I
could see my naked lover
out-perform a former one
with slow grace & beauty –
she rolled & stood –
her breasts [arms spread]
& took me off my work –
stark scowl broke another
face –
Someone’s kid took
an offered-up pot of fruit –
I fixed a pan’s split handle
without my tools –
I woke –
but I re-submerged to my
need to see her stretching
& offering to effectuate all
my vile history
[with failed
lovers] –
A dream rubbing
by her hand on my neck &
[slumbers’ll drug us]

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