I will not learn


I will not learn another
language – nor drive at
speeds to Nürburgring
in a Maserati – & I will

not make love to three
others at once [instead
escorted nearer a 60th
year by time’s whores]

& I’ll not be aligned to
right wing sympathies
[as is ageing’s want] – I
stand apart [from that

boorish fall] – Perhaps
baldness will not call –
My chances of being a
grandfather are less as

my kids’ futures crowd
with quiet fears – all we
had was Armageddon –
a quick death – not this

leaden slide into a dire
future of resentment &
constant adjustments –
Earth was home – I will

not know how it works
out – I will cast my vote
[with care] to fix what I
can see as a mendable

whilst my children say
it will not be repaired –
I’ll not know how it all
falls apart – far too old

to learn anything new
or useful as this world
endures every inanity
we imbibed [to profit]