It shall return to me

Mike Bell/ August 7, 2021/ 0 comments

It shall return to me
without portent [no
clear signal] – I let a
contraction settle &
command all grips –

all workings will not
be set by my adjure –
It is time to roll into
a ball to deal with a
wash of discomfort –

Among my bones is
a constant ghost [&
soon I will become
my own spectre] – &
my day goes down –

led to a lower point
among drownings &
up to auld hangings
[a ripened carcass &
entertainment for a

baying crowd of ale-
sucking witches] – A
brief respite is a test
of my mettle – pause
of spasms & daggers

[but then back] – If a
marriage has a value
there is expectation –
it’ll thrive – but one
set by greed will fail

& other learnings as
my body burns [with
its own insurrection
under my skin] – See
how disease patrols

our past & future – It
is not treatable – she
said it could be [as a
counting of cash set
souring tears to run]

& my body aches for
auld ways of sex – of
extremes allowed by
working fingers – see
me break apart – see

me fail & how failure
affects my senses – a
tightening of muscle
[not for show] – a pull
at my tightened soul

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