That night he dreamt

That night he dreamt that she still loved
him – a proviso – he had to lug her cases –

so her offer was cast aside [a rarity in his
life – of new hindsight falling into place] –

She grabbed at a pathetic embrace [tear-
streamed arrogance is an act to behold] –

Her nipple was cold on his lip [dead-bit]
as he spat it out – spilt milk a sour drink –

best left to sparrow beaks [curdled sips
in mid-morning sunlight on his school’s

doorstep] – Next he dreamt among loose
strands left hanging – he tied them back

& cut others off – Before fully waking his
breaking eyes saw her inverted smile – a

light tipped up his colonial blinds – time
to withdraw from sleep’s stinking night

he said aloud to no one one [again] – An
hour later & all recall of that dream gone