Less Beauty

She can’t be a stripper at fifty –
[Ramona knows no better] – in
a darkening role call of years it

becomes obvious [she’ll see] &
memory is that slug with a fear
of salted recalls – Gynaecology

was less my forte [instead I will
inject Botox in my own head] –
fathering was never applauded

by a useless mother – I will dine
out on my failings for years as a
doctor resets my fear of ending

without a flourish – She has rich
ways with her mouth – a form of
mis-truth is similar to a low kiss

of cock & bollocks – open & slow
across sensitive skin – peelings –
we all wear a thin veneer in love

& mistake contrails for cocaine –
straddling him in Spain she told
him – I’m going to f*ck everyone