#2,539 Lifting pictures

Mike Bell/ September 26, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Lifting pictures from walls
[& not much else] –
a box –
books also piled in a hired
[rattling] van –
no wave-off
or looks-back either
[lay of
re-tellings of truth unravel
in heard-of exchanges] –
we age we off-load burden
& guilt
[such weights do us
no good] –
possessions will
fall away with time –
I keep
a few too long these days –
Our homes –
these display
cases of our winnings –
align cheap gains in bricks
& mortgage deeds –
I know
families who set their true
worth by house price rises
& others’ values –
agree of
estate agents & bank rates
a devotion & binding faith
put first –
I will pack all up
to eschew a crush of stuff
[my un-lifting of pictures]

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