#2,465 Living on a coastline

Mike Bell/ July 11, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Living on a coastline reduces
my algorithm’s choice across
dating sites – my unfortunate
geographic place – Sussex [in
this heat] competes with sun
& beaches alongside Tel Aviv
& Magaluf – although both in
command of pure sand – See
plethoras of profiles on SUPs
[boards appear – mostly from
Enfield] – I steer clear of age’s
difference by narrowing such
to a few years either side [not
to be fooled again] – Photos’ll
never ‘nough – their words &
political leanings my advisors
to swiping left or right – Avoid
fish-face poutings [at my age]
& veer wide of any unverified
beauties [less you pay a price
by scammers] – Heat of desire
yet met on these lucent apps
& sites – [factor 40 in my mind
is applied for each encounter]

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