#2,418 Losses

Mike Bell/ May 22, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

I’m mourning every never-birth
of my grandchildren
[time is no
more an easy stretch]
my kids’ll
curb urges now climate forecast
& cautioning persists
[subject to
reading well] –
Those long-term
plans for pensions & property’ll
wear red dust from Sahara rain –
Europe’ll blush –
Food chains &
profits will tighten their hold on
our kids –
less delicacies & art of
cooking with exotic ingredients
bought from busy markets –
prices rise with temperatures &
how our rich friends react –
will not help us out –
We are not
an island for long if you plot our
sure risings of tides –
flood fears
will nudge a few now –
not adjust
[lust for life is costly]

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