Madeira Drive

For JE

We dodgemed [few
intentional bumps
on Madeira Drive] –
I hadn’t been out &
seen such throngs –
not for a year – later
you cooked – a rarer
treat – to be fed by a
woman – & to kiss &
not blush – Ages will
not define us as too
auld [or tired] to be
gripped [whatever I
say about it doesn’t
capture it] – A holed
pebble – skewered –
is full of luck – From
up high you worked
out those cetaceans
we had walked on –
Brighton pulls all to
her shingled shore –
our histories explain
little yet – I look over
a railing to see those
mosaics of dolphins
dragged by high tide
& footfall – in time no
trace of our first date
will remain – no shot
on phone to confirm
what we saw [recalls
are enough to serve]