Me – a Punchman

Mea máxima culpa
Through my most
terrible defect – He’s
behind you! Beware
of snaps & slapstick

& other whip stories
loose on barebacks –
Don’t e’er coddle me!
or beat me to excess
for my sins of saying

bad words ’bout God
[those howled out by
me – we disbelievers
see overturned hulls
not huge cathedrals]

Perhaps we shall sit
as a cleric counsels
his penitent puppets
One Punch & Judy’s
papal prank or two?

Don’t tip a sugarloaf
hat to any old Devil –
Doctor – or snapping
Crocodile – every kid
has a fear of clowns

A brief confessional
erected on beaches
to entice children to
our Lords of Misrule
That’s the way to do it

Let me enjoy a show
of robes in your vast
theatres of comedy –
then let me with fists
steer Mr Punch home

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