My Doctor Spoke

Mike Bell/ June 27, 2021/ 0 comments

My perspective is warped
by this stiff insurrection –
how our futures will fall &
tomorrow’s news are all a

worthless speculation etc
[as I read yesterday’s lines
of re-written facts] – In all

moments hover – alone or
in love – either states – less
concerns about bookends
& props of past & future – I

am advised to see breaths
as they exist – hear this – A
thought is an insurgence –

it will create losing battles
behind my eyes – my body
is my sensor – but it is stiff
with disease & ached grief

that dig at my foundations
until bits of me fall & let in
thoughts – pain is a bugger

[less allayed] – I zipped her
disturbing letters & images
on my drives [into folders]
& history is re-compressed –

I suffocate her existence – It
is a gradual family death &
expected – by some – Listen

to all breathing – rises & falls
[as expansions are replaced
by contractions] – no rutted
transmission of usual forces –

So – am I curable? Dr Cohen
says No [not for now] – Mr B
there ain’t no cure [as such]

but we suggest that you fall
in love with someone good
& kind – avoid narcissists – I
suggest [again] exercises to

fix auld stiffness – Reap each
day – be amiable & forgive –
[I repeat it] – seek kindness!

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