News at One

Time will not be adjusted [to suit
your needs] – that’s my assumed
forecast of less-assured futures

Histories – that slip of shadowed
kisses & us [such burden of love
is brief – emptied skies less rare]

My cadaver has a fixed contract
in ink [& yours too] – parchments
are furled close – like a clingfilm

stretch on & as gripped/ Oxygen
will be kept fresh [for three days]
& then my watch will turn to rust

[in your rivulet my timepiece rots
to orange – do not drink it up]/ Sit
at your gloss of pool & prod fast –

to ferrugo my cogs & pendulums
‘neath running spring waters – so
decrease my minuted remnants –

[watch parts] sink in Jarvis Brook
& fritter more – in no time – at that
confluence with R Medway’s rush

off – via printed tidal timetables – &
with a nod to rainclouds – forecast
flood – reports read – News at One