No stifling waiting rooms

Mike Bell/ November 19, 2021/ 0 comments

No stifling waiting rooms or
boot-faced GP staff – so less
divvying up of our diseases –

instead we make video calls
via outsourced services – all
doctors long auctioned off –

a greater disconnection – In
time left I’ll see no grandkid
to ply & pull on my splendid

beard ‘cos shifting futures’ll
flop as hand-rung forecasts
of floods & famines stack up

[so I’ll not be a lone Gramps
seated in a queue] – We wait
for a phoned-in consultation

with an online white coat on
our devices – Nothing’ll work
any more & no grand futures

are left – tremor transmission
is increasing these days & lay
me bare to others’ notions of

who I’ll be [less grandad me] –
that is known – I assure you –
a full beard veils my malaise

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