I offer no apologies

Mike Bell/ July 30, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

I offer no apologies for
such tawdry hobbies –
admitting less interest

[as sly-want digressed
into an unmade life of
missing loves] – Give it

up for Lent & others – A
series of un-speakables
were left unsaid by any

one of those relatives – I
watched a horror show
as snow fell to cover up

schoolgirl errors – there
were more [after snorts
of quick white powder] –

scurrilous [his fat credit
card] – laid payments of
debts [in any easy way] –

until all is gone – As if it
were melted snow – As I
stood to go I bore it – as

though there were auld
feelings to show – [slow
tears of tawdry sorrow]

& now I strive without a
stick – no aid to quicken
[truer love will cure me]

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