1720: Nothing Changes

“Even the apostles were tent-makers
..They had to live just the way we do”
Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

My mother insisted No one’s happy –
everyone is miserable [back in 1982]
when life unnerved us teenage boys
[fearing obligations] But we couldn’t
stop thinking about sex & of getting
off with assuring girls – Go ugly early
was our pre-drinks motto / But I fell
in love with Fiona Malyan / She was
beyond my grip – my roughneckness
glowed / Then I tempted Marguerite
Donlon [her stage name] – but I wept
in a call box – She is not wanting you
was quiet advice from her gossiping
friend / So between lust & fucks with
several women & men [& rolling from
dirty beds] my ability to grip at things
rescinded & my mother’s insight rung
again – too now true / Rien ne change

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