Mike Bell/ May 1, 2021/ 0 comments

Future-proofed below this
paid-for-roof [ran my plan
until our worlds fell apart]
& I’m still learning how to –

& we’ll untwine – We’ll sup
too-sweet roasted coffees
as days peel from days – lit
by our pop-up notification

of a nothing-doing-day as
a dog yaps its head off in a
garden & that cool spring
breeze stirs my uncut hair

as I type these lines on my
aglow virtual keyboard – &
nothing is real – nothing is
going to plan [nothing is a

normal – so we’ll still be in
hiding this time next year –
for sure] – I’m still learning
to respond without falling

down – without knowing if
there is a Plan B to save us
from our future – with less
routes written by free will

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