Now Let Me [Finally] Rouse Alone

“’s like a good fuck,
half is worse than none at all”
Maeve Millay
Westworld – S1 Ep 9

Extract my whirl of memories
so her censure [when I wake]
isn’t my recurring cauchemar

after another disturbed night
of wily gledges by our rewind
[a play] of misconstrued sex

My raw dreams need removal
from my eye along with paths
that we wandered & we knew

[those we crept before access
was removed – after our lands
were sliced in half by our hate]

If there is a switch – or a code –
then engage such to re-set me
before we met  \  Let me forget

& not abrooke more nightmares
set in mortal time’s witherings –
half my mind needs defragging

to do tonight & every other –  be
cleared of her malicious wraiths
Now let me [finally] rouse alone