1739: Obviated

RB: I didn’t fancy much staying alive
MP: Really.. you contemplated suicide?
RB: No.. you can drink yourself to death…
I had a go…
Parkinson – Interview with Richard Burton, 1974

Richard in his beige rollneck
tossing off impersonations –
playing at thy compleat fool
for Mr Parkinson’s audience
of pre-pub gathered viewers
[under bared studio lamps]/
Chat turns to drinks & death
& rotten innards – digging at
Burton’s slag heap of failure
sat so high – ready to slip as
any of us could – mortalized
by Michael’s polite enquiries
about public love affairs – no
stones left unturned & noted
as bottles are numbered & to
entertain & enthral he has to
talk of longings for Elizabeth
& hoves [to his worthier self]
I urge for Burton’s love affairs

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