Our Days

Mike Bell/ September 2, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

What you pay attention to will define – for you – what reality is
Oliver Burkeman

Where are our happy days
of other things – where do
alternatives rise from? An

ease – now – into ageing &
a riling disease – down – to
seaside retreats & starings

for a seventh wave – We’ll
be warmed by aulder time
lived for love – but would I

think that is enough as my
blanket rubs my ankles? A
yob throbs a car’s exhaust

[as it pops a stuttered f-fuck
at us all] – So – am I getting
on? Youth is a fast offence

for us men in our fifties – A
girl goes by – we don’t look
[‘cos now we know not to]

& our kids make us greater
than when we started at [&
that is how we will end up]

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