#2,344 Outliving

Mike Bell/ March 9, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Now older than my father
& eldest brother –
not yet
passed any grandfathers
or grandmothers –
lots of
male role models up to a
certain age
[compared to
mothers] –
I rewrote it –
memoir of death’s dolour
on my doorstep
[I mourn
other losses –
auld errors
of judgement of others] –
I drag a bodybag of fucks
& intrigue –
ask around &
get clarification
[of sorts
from twisted tongues] –
we hear a clunk
fallen body] we shudder –
with luck it’ll be someone
who will not be missed by
many –
only family hanger-ons
[& I will
outlive those I had loved]

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