Passing Off

[F.F.S. NOTE: In memory of a part played by J.K. This was written after an actress had passed away – but really in memory of the character she played in LOTSW – so an extension of that character into death – after the actress playing her had died: An exercise in stretching thoughts on a dull and lonely day made slower by reading of others’ misfortunes. The character I am ‘grieving’ for was a hen-pecking (Northern) wife chasing down her feckless husband – god only knows what effect it all had on her fictional family (never seen). No more misdirected anger if it gets misappropriated, again, please.]


Being a matriarch
was propounded as her


in their first draft
of an online obituary

Mourners hovered
and affixed false posts

marking up an ever-altering

Her kids had been suckled
under a tarnished scent

and they never lost their
fear of men