Perhaps we should live

For WM

Perhaps we should live
in Philadelphia [routed
via an involving suburb –
ride buses into a movie

scene – or Netflix series]
& we’d search its streets
for infamous landmarks
in my Buick & then we’d

visit other places – Area
51 [2500 miles away] – a
road trip across 10 days
[as it says on Google] – I

am a re-instated driver –
I can drive a car west &
into an alien space – My
place as an extra’ll exist

way after de-rigged sets
have been skipped – Car
journeys still earn point-
to-point bonuses with a

son who lost all belief in
his father [not long ago]
as a song recoils among
our ruins – as if not sung

loud enough to turn any
head – showtime in Penn
for us transient folk – see
how we follow each trail

in a movie-ish road trip –
here Moth-man haunts –
there Bruce walked – My
roaming of gas stations

will return me to my city
of complex suburbs – We
wish for escape – we will
navigate western routes

one day – but not soon [I
know too much about it
all – I read endlessly] – in
a year we will drive west