Plan F [in Cologne]

Kölner Dom was a calculated
endeavour to reach unto God
using a scale rule as thin men
scuttered [up] trusting ladders
leant steeply gainst Him [risen
beyond rotting oak dominions
of nails & squeezed joinery] to
heights reached by remixes of
mortar & prayer under priestly
old ways below curbed Rome-
grown arches / Ropes hoisted
them up to Above /  History is
temporarily absent – known by
one God / From there – beside
their still standing twin towers
[built by slow breaths expiring]
of 2 apexes – few construction
plans rolled from old centuries
to tell our awed senses – what?
They eliminated arcs in arches
& found art in flying buttresses
Below it [bony] three wise men
are weighted down in a golden
box claiming to bear wry relics
This is their sky – glass – iron &
lead – delicate tinges too far to
decode without bound psalms
Incoming lights are a material –
detailed perception – also frail –
& so bent-framed – to be a sun
Carved bridges [exact masonry
scored to heights in sandstone
as chastened blocks] As finials
grip – after drop-bomb-damage
Trachyte was their first choice –
but [their] Lord dismissed loans
Their roof is both a rib cage & a
vault – a weight willing to plunge
to earth & to employ geography
towards glass-grains waiting by
furnaces / Sand’s wish to backfill
is digging under Nature’s way to
[one day] curtail man’s Cathedral

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