2212: Plastering

Did they know of damage
done? A flash description
[now throwing it up] & in

a bathroom I recked [& so
fell apart] – perhaps speak
this aloud [layered on lies

long left with frail friends]
or not [& possibly enough
to unsettle that lot] – Who

was he? A good-enough to
fuck it all up [fuck-all love]
given up – An entreaty was

a failure & no explanations
as to why – Damage will ire
all – beyond a misdirection

eyed up [& badly spat out]
as I vomited – nothing out –
it doubled me up – Ugly as

a flaccid cock’s flesh – in a
past life I put up with lies –
No false walls to crumble

in my separate house on a
hill – above wet places – In
time I’ll re-patch my room

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