Poem #2,729 | No longer there to answer

Mike Bell/ August 30, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

In memory of a friend from ago

No longer there to answer
as herself [although she is
still visible in place] – days
now altered by absences –
I have walked with death’s
removals – shunt o’ flesh &
other body parts into a pit
that we never truly know –
back-fill’s weight less ours
to bear for now [I dream &
wander without cares in a
parallel closer clime] – my
nightly Heavens’ll iterate –
A choir of passed-bys sing
a song unbearable for my
waking self – they’ll not be
a loud chorus after dawn –
No sleep – Summon peace
my auld friend beyond all
this upset – dreams will be
your future place of being

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