Poem #2,727 | An incontrovertible truth

Mike Bell/ August 25, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

An incontrovertible truth
nests in my chest –
there a cold weight of fat
[of un-forgiven flesh] sits
in that mess –
[Olid] gulls
drag long-buried veins &
chuck them into tossing-
up throats
of pumped worms] –
how others swoop to dig
with hard beaks –
all flap
of cawk-cawk resolution
by a screeched-flock –
plump [& easy sat hens] –
feasting on bared breast –
flown soul-feeders –
we lie as they swoop on
our easy entrails –
offered to any who want
to gorge
[a bird table set
to seat a dozen or more]
& we will not soar until a
score has tugged enough

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