Poem #2,579 | You will inhabit a sturdy box

Mike Bell/ November 12, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

You will inhabit a sturdy box
[if wealthy] –
a long slumber
of less human disturbances –
a quiet crumbling into dried
stiffness of joints
[decay our
only option in that place] –
choice – a still bed or burnin’
is made for you by what you
have left in your cold rooms
& accounts –
your phone will
die too & your kept stuff will
be cast
[majority of it thrust
into charity’s sale] –
we’ll be
lost to other lives –
wisps on
a chimney’s rough lips
lick of an incinerator’s kiss] –
regret shared by a mourner
with common friends is our
final presence
[nothing felt
from then on in emptiness]

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