mike bell poems

That scent is thick

That scent is thick
of summer’s weep
of sweat under my
pits [slipped brims
will not offset fears
of skin cancer]

mike bell poems

Bid Them Gone

You’d think – by now –
I’d have worked it out/
But that luxury favours
those who sleep & do
not dream/ I will wake
with a sour taste from
slept conversations &
cinematic sweeps [are
remainders well worth

mike bell poems


They’ll sniff around as dogs –
met nose-to-tail & inhale too
deeply on chopped out lines
in locked-tight cubicles …/

mike bell poems

Online Dating

Is it just slide shows of faces
that we are feeding on? Not
first-met @ bars or flirting @
work – no sly-check of rings

mike bell poems

Loose Wiring

This cable is frayed &
liable to fuse – trips &
other dangers wound
to potential attraction
[set by de Coulomb’s
ruling out differences]

mike bell poems


I’ll pass my ageing neighbours
contained by solidified returns
off pensions & ISAs [all edging
away from brisk punts on stock
market wagers or gold’s allure]

mike bell poems

King Charles, Again

Elizabeth will be dead
‘fore HS2 opens –

Charles’ll become king
of a state long broken

mike bell poems


His composure? Rare – indeed!

Above me – a treasure in a tin
on a narrow shelf/ It was then
a cold world [nuclear war lists
or raging unions] …/