Poem #2,700 | Q&A

Mike Bell/ July 6, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

A known sequence of four walls
& highly polished floors are our
easy cues between escalators &
corridors – into breakout spaces
with church-like theatre seating
& a branded lectern ahead [God
is watching on CCTV] – We ‘wait
soft sermons ‘bout creative acts
as therapy [David slumps under
exhaustion’s tug – forty winks in
that half-empty front row] – Our
story-told selves suck on words
to find relief – we tell our tales &
play a part [sowing patchworks
‘til we prick & bleed] – we’ll find
our equals & puzzle-solvers in a
cooled convention hall – answer
this do – will I one day be saved?

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