School Shootings

We aren’t rational creatures –
[state school re-calibrated us]
We fire a complaint with thick
skin on trigger fingers [& I will
peel it – until raw-gnawed – as

if rat-chewed] I’ll squeeze that
primed lever via my lit device &
raise my white flag – a practice
unforgiven by rah-rah Etonians
with their ragged Union guidon

I know a cruel psychopath – all
of us have at least one nearby/
But narcissistic people kill too –
small memorials mark each fall
where they pull & breath – out –

& aim direct from a firearm/ We
are walking targets – bull’s-eyes
slapped on our backs by lovers
& haters [as they measure out a
range they know is in their skill-

set]/ They have a gun club – rifle
handling is taught from birth – &
other stuff for assassin-love/ Lie
on your face – as blood-spatters –
descry a grave-deep hiding place