2235: See betrayals of children

See betrayals of children –
in that way we took them

for granted [we lied ‘bout
stuff mattering just to us]

& things shift apart – We’ll
play a long game [but sup

on short odds] – A hushed
brutality was easy to rub –

that & piling up stuff – All
our undoings & so sordid

in how much value it had
among bickering fools – A

cruel call to explain little –
by clucking others [a trace

of untrustworthy advisors
spitting feathers] hid from

us – we will become a sure
match in acetic spat ways –

& we’ll continue betraying
every innocent next-of-kin

until they give up & adopt
our inane rulings [designs

now delated] – thrown off –
whilst they shy from loves

& ownership of a parental
trap & turn from using up

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