Seeking More Arrangements

Honestly? I do struggle – no church –
a lost belief in passion [no worship]/
It’ll not be a surprise that my dignity
has been vilified by her kicks [wager
now her nakedess]/ It’ll be no shock/

You can eye her up [online-profiting] –
see magic wand work – available for
Men aged 31 – 60 – & she says she’s a
sane, sexy bundle of fun… looking for
someone to enjoy the good things of

life [sic] [whatever implied]/ & – I’m
no … bimbo but can be quite naughty
We drop to bate by our barter of sex
& faith [love has been loosened by it]
& nothing is left [nothing but adverts

for sucks in hotel suites – arranged to
suit]/ So do not reply – no pickup – of
her calls – her prices are set for fools –
& other men – tread carefully – all that
comes online comes with packaging

& fingers that unwrap [only diamonds
as offerings] – more arrangements for
men seeking such brass offers – see I
tire of all that glistens – let me rest in
my bed & delete my last two decades