Seven Eleven

Conquer yourself rather than the world

René dreamt [far too
much] – three dreams
in a night/ A desirous
fucker – with such wit
as to only think – take
away his numberings
& his measurements –
you still cannot count
out his words/ Where
I fell is a marker – it is
alongside others who
gave up on de volonté
for love & loosed hold
[no misuse nor excess
in passion – RD]/ Sex –
it was her way to fix &
fill her insecurities – a
mother’s love is never
confection enough for
a woman who follows
sweeter scents into a
bedroom & opens up –
do not think too much
or else your dreams’ll
fill to fix unfixable lies
unfolded thigh-wide –
I’ll stand at my marker
& respire seven-eleven

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