#2,512 Should I mention

Mike Bell/ August 30, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Should we mention our lovers’
ways when with our kids
turn adult tricks] –
We will rest
stiffly-dead before they inherit
conferment of our knowledge –
In a grave there are no retorts –
wonted fallacy is being true in
our kids’ views –
f*ck up
& then] –
be human –
I want all
my ambitions stripped bare –
seek an honest life with every
one –
I’ll take death’s hit & run
as I cross from here to there in
bare feet
[& wrapped in sheets
supplied via my care provider] –
Our children’ll choose to love
in mis-fitting
[mis-sized] arms
& so become us –
I am circling
above –
should I mention her?

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