Show Calls

Mike Bell/ August 29, 2020/ 0 comments

Gather those remnants of your strength – we will stand longer than any others –
more than those who may expect less of us – & bring back – again – to yourself –
stolen powers that others frame as broken

This is a call to you – those robbed – to recover each fragment [ours were quickly lost]

Pull in to your own – families & friends – that latent energy in these long days/
You are surrounded by equals in reduction – you are lifted by sisters & brothers –
of this frail – but ever-extending – family/

This is a call to you – those beaten – our lives demand to now be sweetened/

Please find in this inconvenience a greater sense – on every level –
which is there – I tell you – it is enough to lift each one of us
above our rage of thoughts

This is a call to you – those pained – your dignity can be reclaimed/

I may be too loud in my ineloquent verse – but I wish for you – too – such a place of words –
to revel in that delight of your voice – removed from speech? We are still here to rejoice –
in any format that connects/

This is a call to you – those ignored – I’ll not meet again such people who I’ll always applaud/

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