2173: Song Number Four

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Song Number Four rung
round – streamed into a
day of dull designs [in a
minute it will fade & my

day will switch into still
air] – They whirl records
in our local nerd-pub [a
cute reversion to skip &

raw jitters of vinyl plays
for us connoisseurs of a
certain burden] – not off
to our revolution – Spin

of song Number Four –
curiousness lifted her [I
made a note in poetry] –
that smile’d skin a man

[alive] & he’d still ask for
more whilst stood bare –
We return to that record
we all knew well in 1980

because it made sense –
we knew less – never let
down by love’s too slow
puncture – Play number

four until there’s a blunt
diamond [worth less] &
we will drum along to it –
& that impossible lyrical

layer – anthems in youth
return in middle age – in
song Number Four there
is a foolishness we yearn

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