St. George’s Day

Mike Bell/ April 23, 2016/ 0 comments

Saint George [born high – near Syria]
now contused – laid low from media –
long-stuck in Calais [no marching on]
having traded his armour & Ascalon

No visa or passport [or formal hope]
Geo. put his faith in another ‘s boat –
draped in charity [wears Red Cross] –
he eyed a UK – but his heart did not –

for over 700 years we carried him far
[flag of little England & tattoed scars]
We revered that saviour of virgin life
but now eschew his foreign field cries

[Geo. can’t last another winter’s maul
& wake – to breathe-in Europe’s thaw –
he hears death-rattles under his tent –
he’ll not survive – count him as dead]

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