1789: Study the Torah

Rabbi Kanievsky says cancelling
Torah study is more dangerous
than corona,” Shmulik Woolf [JTA]

[A true story]

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky aroused
sentiments of a divine immunity
as my family [abutting suburban
cryptic crosswords of meanings
& Israeli misinterpretations] met
together – in peace – to eat under
lockdown’s eye/ No Torah to add
light relief or blind belief in Rabbi
Edelstein to put things right/ Still
no flights into Tel Aviv to sit with
my relatives – Facebook is a tatty
plan B/ Study the Torah – just text
appeared fixed [here] across this
lit screen – mid-poem – this poem
on this screen – across every app
that instruction floated – no scroll
fix – dead seen text – a phantasm/
Some would cry God’s instruction
in such odd data behaviour – but I
still type heresy/ A ‘phone reboot
corrects it all & my poem finishes
under UK lockdown/ No miracle/
Study [of] the Torah won’t cure me


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