Swimming Lessons

For S. L.

There is a countervail in my days
[as if] as if I can’t connect to now
& now piles hours amidst sunrise
& sunset & expands & inflates & I
am washed out to a history-wide
delta of fingered rivers/ Time is a
tardy channel of tidal watchings –
compounded to have me drown’d
[imbibed from normal & known]/
You stood [naked] in that rivulet –
my hours now engorged by it all
& streams became fluvial giants –
but your fingers – in that channel –
on me – redefined my clocking on
& off – lifted me up – no drowning/
Teach me how to reach with you/
Let me walk a chattered ford & so
embrace your so denuded beauty/
My luxury is in your space – other
options will be excluded – let me –
[let me] be in your running stream
& teach me to swim [without fear
of shape-shifters swum below us]