Elder Respect

Cloudy cordial – it was too soot
for my tongue – inbred-sweet &
all sugar-buzz – Grandma’s own
& she is an amazing woman [no
proof given] …/


Another thirty-ish minutes of life lost to indecisions By my lethargy By her rough mis-reckonings of tightly wound watches and bare clock faces You will… Read More »Stops

Closing Times

Now – be forever consigned to coughed-up-banter nights at your threadbare old boys’ club – propped behind spewed pints of pump-drawn gut-brown beer Your bent… Read More »Closing Times

The Riverside Cafe – Lewes

That water-spinning hum
in The Riverside Cafe –
of draining dishwashers
and coffee machines –
is a prized white noise
needed by me to settle …/

Words Burn

VLADIMIR: You should have been a poet. ESTRAGON: I was. [Gesture towards his rags.] Isn’t that obvious. [Silence.]  Waiting for Godot. Samuel Beckett A whole… Read More »Words Burn