assisted dying

Perfect Skin

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This skin on my foot
is turning to cratered scales –

like that of F’s
re-homed grandpa… /

Pension Planning

When this gets real bad
and we will not see that –
not for quite some time yet …/

Driving Lessons

A car ahead of me
clipped a pigeon
which spun upwards
in a last attempt at flight –
but it also exploded
showing pink flesh …/

Last Rites

Our common death knell will gift all of its peals to our last take of breath when our slumping toil over affairs and matters played… Read More »Last Rites

Seventy-Six Percent

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To take this decision to take my life
Off discharged thoughts
but it is my choice …/

The Secret

There are a thousand secrets
which cannot now be told

withheld in run-down hearts
and haunting tenebrous souls …