‘Gavin’ reads an enamel plaque
on a concrete birdbath below
four blue clocks – true north is
implied by one of those faces …/

Memory Fields

Behind Chiddingly’s
mouse-crept churchyard
a still minute’s silence
was being observed …/

Into Candles and Soap

Inhale those odours within
la Ville Lumi̬re Рof corpse wax

found among her exhumed
Draw on le cimetière des Innocents …/


So she dug up my soul –
I have a price on my head –
she pulled if from my skull
because of what I said …/


It was never about being held
until it stopped
and then my redrafted scenes
were all that remained …/


It was as if there was no step
or soft seat that did not force
the deep stab and grip of pain
in his legs and flexed parts …/