20,000 Less

We sit immune to 20,000 dead it would seem - 20,000 less & no regrets/ We can be led off a cliff [science says] - new routes via guidance given & follow advice & clean [twice] both hands with puffs & flourish [with picks from God Save HMQ or Fuck U Boris]

Late Walk Home

My final walk is chalk-marked [primary colours & a bruise of pinks] & above here rainbows [bled in felt tips] are tacked to innards of smudged glazing & then rattles on pans & healing of stale unneighbourly tiffs - a gift on Acacia Drive/ I listen to hisses as a small kid cries out [overtired] … Continue reading Late Walk Home

Boris et Domics

Now fewer [less] unstructured conversations - with fortuitous visitors/ A spin-bawled belamy of gagging orders & infections Desires have fallen away [as if his blood doesn't crave a love] & his hammock is still without pushes/ His spine curves with his hanging bend of canvas & ropes - sunburn is a flush [kiss of death] … Continue reading Boris et Domics

Study the Torah

“Rabbi Kanievsky says cancelling Torah study is more dangerous than corona,” Shmulik Woolf [JTA] [A true story] Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky aroused sentiments of a divine immunity as my family [abutting suburban cryptic crosswords of meanings & Israeli misinterpretations] met together - in peace - to eat under lockdown's eye/ No Torah to add light relief … Continue reading Study the Torah

On Hills

For S.L. I'll lie with a sun at my feet & a moon above my head [flit birds intone] - at blind north you are nine-ish km from my swoon where we had undressed [stretching & bathed - but not in rain] Your unchecked meadow is a rule-broken hill - slips of grass & breakfast … Continue reading On Hills

Football – Nil

Primal tempos of match day routines are missing - tension between games have slacked [to monotony] as soccer offers nothing - a doldrum - no crucial ties & needed points to pray for [every 89th minute of watching] - no Bovrils or beers in our rumble-guts to absorb on top of other football match results … Continue reading Football – Nil